Rabu, 09 Oktober 2013

Travel Can Make You A Better (or At Least Richer) Artist

DEAL? YES, but it's so popular that Travelzoo lists quite a few sold-out or blocked dates. Luxury castles of Ireland six-night spring trip, including car: No Travelzoo voucher, just goes straight to the Great Value Vacations website where you book directly. Cost $1,110.72 per person including air from New York when departing March 5, for example.

"There is no travel effect for artworks produced after 1918." Perhaps as foreign travel became easier and more commonplace, it also became less of a comparative advantage for the artists who had done it. Hellmanzik argues that the study has implications beyond the art world, as "the motivations for travel and the benefits of short-term movements for artists seem analogous to those of international business travellers or scientists . . . short-term movements can be seen as a means of investing in one's human capital." So if you're feeling like your work is stuck in a rut, a quick trip overseas might be beneficial, or at least it was 100 years ago.

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